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The Art

Cases for the iPhone 5 with the distinctive
Art touch.
Collection of 7 different designs.

The Animal

Travel with us to Africa to experience the
ultimate wildness. Collection made of 5
different designs.

The Black

Sleek and smart black: 5 elegant
designs for the new iPhone 5.

The Comic

Young and witty. 5 Designs
that will bring you a smile.

The Explosive

Energetic and Creative:
4 Designs powerful as TNT.

The Music

Pump up the volume:
3 Designs from the world of music.

The Pattern

Classically eternal:
8 stilysh must for your new iPhone 5

The Retro

Turn back time!
6 vintage Designs from the old good times.

The Sport

From skater to rider.
8 designs from the world of sports.

The Swirl

Twisted, intense and colourful.
3 designs that you can paricularly feel.

The Hair

One hell of a hairy business. In three shades.
Coloured not tinted.

The Flower

Beautiful and perfect as
only flowers can be. 8 delightful designs.


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Innovative printing, anti-scratch coatings and state of the art protection for your device. High quality delivered to your own unique flavour.

Our cases are unique as you are. Sporty, young, vintage, arty or anything else you like. Discover their uniqueness by clicking here.

Only our cases are produced with metallic paints that guarantee astonishing colours. Our patented technology uses anti-scratch coatings that will make your case look always brand new.

Our metallic colours can match any combination of design. This combined with our worldwide exclusive painting technology literally brings the designs to life. While our patented raised printing technology makes feel it directly on your finger tips. In fact more than feeling it you can touch it.  Click here to see some example.

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